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Medical Cannabis

Growing Industry

As medicinal use of cannabis is booming in EU and NAM, we prepare cannabis cultivation and GMP processing facility design. Properl engineering is essential to ensure that you’ll get the highest possible yields in the lowest energy consumption way. By choosing the right electrical and mechanical systems, you provide your investment with both the most efficient and GMP friendly equipment you need. We can create a comprehensive and carefully engineered HVAC solution that will give you the level of performance required for maximum production and efficiency.


Qualitech's Can-Do Drive

A new Cannabis cultivation and processing facility requires a strong team of analytical thinking, design engineering and construction supervision for a prosperous and sustainable facility. With our knowledge of HVAC systems and expertise in system engineering among our many potential solutions, we’re the best resource for industrial climate engineering that can enable your facility to rise about the competition.

Our Team consists of chemical engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, architects and process engineers too. We protect your investment with our expertise on the field and with our highly trrained personnel. We offer QA assistance and we deliver all Quality Management Systems, both for the cultivation and the GMP processing part too. There are many shared issues in both phases of engineering. Our deep understanding of your equipment needs and the unique challenges of indoor cultivation puts us in the best position to design an appropriate and efficient environment for your specific needs. With our help, you’ll achieve the most efficient and reliable system for your facility — one that will deliver healthier crops, reduced energy bills and less downtime.


Qualitech makes your Business Grow

Since 2018, we’ve been helping investors and facility managers to carry on with all aspects of a Cannabis facility. Growing requires specific knowledge because it is unlike most other commercial growing operations. It is all about a balanced Climate Control System and Growers that know of cultivation deeply. GMP Engineering requires a great deal of QA background and all necessary Regulatory Bodies directions throughout the whole world.


We, at QUALITECH, combine hands-on experience and engineering skills so that when the first batches come out, facility and processes run smoothly.

We reach our customers with a total approach and we can deliver turn-key solutions. We even get into products designing and we are proud to have helped a lot of our customers with products that are 100% innovative and of high productivity.

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