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How to think through problems efficently

This is reality. Everyday business activities don;t let employees think easily out of the box. Usually the SOP for doing things is hanging on daily B2B issues and turns the caution away from non obvious issues that may arise. It is common that executives -in the way of usual thinking- lose their "behavioral" skills and can't manage a team that is usually around them waiting for guidance.

This is a fundamental consequence of executives over run by daily jobs to be performed and lose their sense of integrity and the whole picture. Top managers are attending only a few shortages and overall at the end of the day most of the times, employees are pushed into the loneliness of self problem solving.

Strong motivation and driving is requested top down. Qualitech is producing behavioral management trainings for middle and top executives so as to ease off the shoulders of th facility, daily unseen issues.

#problemsolving #timemanagement

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